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About Us

We are two artists who live with our young family and animals in the Midi Pyrenees in S.W.France. Surrounded by dipping valleys and tree covered hillsides, we live close to nature with our cats, chickens and dog, growing as many of our own organic vegetables as we can and living a simple lifestyle away from the chaos and demands of the outside world. 'The Rustic Retreat' is our home, a collection of three ancient houses set in some of the most beautiful countryside of the S.W. of France.


This year we are renting out Maison D'Artiste after lovingly renovating it over the last year to preserve its ancient character and charms. We will be based nearby some of the time, in between taking off on other adventures. We have a caretaker on call should you need help with anything if we are not available.


If you're interested in a unique holiday and would like to experience this special place, then please email sasha@therusticretreat.co.uk or phone us on +0033 (0)563670518 for more details.



We've planted abondant flowering trees and bushes to attract as many butterflies and birds to the land surrounding The Rustic Retreat as possible. If you rise early enough, you might be lucky enough to spot deer grazing in the early morning light.


Our cats, Cloudy, Tiger, Buttercup and Blackberry live outside, they all enjoy lazing about in the sun and being played with. You'll probably also meet our beautiful Beauceron dog, the gentle giant Gwen. She loves nothing better than going on long walks should you should want her to acompamy you...